How to Pay Taxes as a Freelancer

virtual accountant for filing taxes for freelancers

Deductions reduce your taxable income and keep more hard-earned cash in your pocket. If you’re a learning buff and your interests overlap with your profession, your educational costs may be tax deductible. ✝ To check the rates and terms you qualify for, SoFi conducts a soft credit pull that will not affect your credit score. However, if you choose a product and continue your application, we will request your full credit report from one or more consumer reporting agencies, which is considered a hard credit pull and may affect your credit. You may also want to set calendar reminders so you never miss a quarterly tax payment deadline. But most of the time, it’s cabin fever, caffeine withdrawal, fickle cash flows, and fierce competition for clients.

Double-entry accounting follows strict rules and can produce the sophisticated financial reports that businesses need when they do a valuation of their company or apply for a loan or try to attract investors, for example. Four of the five sites reviewed here follow double-entry bookkeeping rules. Wave delivers an excellent double-entry accounting service for very small businesses that want to import transactions from online bank accounts, and most of its features are free.

Congratulations for turning a profit. Now consider some advice from experts to help shave your tax bill.

By organizing your bills and tracking your income throughout the year (even on a daily basis), you should have good records of all your revenue and expenses. You can check out the IRS’s guidelines for estimated taxes , but a tax professional may be worth the cost if you’re confused. That’s huge considering how much its competitors charge for live expert help.

There’s even a Wave app – perfect for managing invoices when you’re on the go. Combine that with the ability to add as many users to your Wave account as you like – each with their own access rights – and it’s a tax software that can scale alongside your business. By its nature, tax software allows you to store confidential information that should be shielded from the eyes of everybody but those who need to know your company’s financial situation. Even if you don’t handle your taxes yourself, you can use the software as a data store while setting up specific access rights for those who will handle your books.

Make Sure To Take Tax Deductions

“You must own managing your tax liability all year long, since being an independent contractor or gig worker requires you to do work that would be done for you as if a regular employee at a larger company,” Fishbein said. “You will also solely handle costs such as Medicare and Social Security tax that would be otherwise shared with your employer, so you need to track and account for it throughout the year.” “Unfortunately, there are many errors and pitfalls [with taxes] for freelancers,” Paul Miller, certified public accountant and founder of Miller & Company LLP, told Insider.

  • Most will also bill you for 1099s ($67.72 on average) and disorganized or incomplete files ($165.82 on average).
  • Trying to file tax returns yourself is likely to cost you more money in the long run, as you miss out on available deductions or make costly mistakes that you must pay for later.
  • It might also appeal to small businesses that need double-entry accounting but not time tracking, robust reports, or full mobile access.
  • As a freelancer, you may land gigs with companies outside the U.S. or travel the globe and pick up jobs wherever you venture.
  • For the first time, all of these people will need to deal with employment accounting and taxes that involve a Form 1099 instead of a W-2.
  • You’ll owe interest on top of the fines — and eventually could face jail time if you don’t pay.

That’s because often, the estimates are generous, so you might get some dough kicked back to you in the spring for once. As a freelancer, you will almost always owe money to the IRS during tax season. And if you haven’t been saving, or if you’ve never done this before, the dollar amount might come as a bit of a shock. This step isn’t necessary for all, but if you do end up owing, and you weren’t prepared, don’t fret! The IRS allows you to set up a payment plan that automatically deducts every month.

Don’t expect a tax refund as a freelancer.

Now that you know where to look for online accountant jobs, here are some tips so you can be a successful one. As their name implies, FinancialJobsWeb is an online job board offering all types of finance-related jobs, including those in the accounting industry. The accountant for freelancers beauty of online accounting jobs is that you can work in your own time and often get in some leisure or travel in-between too. Switching from platform to platform is also made simple by TaxAct, letting you import certain PDFs of forms from other tax services.

Start tracking your expenses, identifying tax deductions, and estimating your quarterly taxes with Bonsai by signing up for a free trial today. First, you have to file Schedule C alongside your standard tax return. Doing that means maintaining all of the 1099 forms you receive during the year, as well as itemizing all potential business deductions to see if it’s worth claiming those rather than the standard deduction. Simple, slick, and free – those are the three words that best describe FreeTaxUSA. It lives up to its moniker by providing you with the ability to e-file your federal tax return for free, though there are paid bolt-ons for other filings. For instance, each state return costs an additional $15 – still reasonable – and you have to pay another $8 if you want live chat and assistance with audits.


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