How to Reduce WordPress Comment Spam

Spammers use “dictionary attacks” to sort through possible name combinations at large ISPs or email services, hoping to find a valid address. Thus, a common name such as jdoe may get more spam than a more unique name like jd51x02oe. Of course, there is a downside – it’s harder to remember an unusual email address. Avoid displaying your e-mail address in public – If it is not required, do not provide your e-mail address when filling out Web registration forms, surveys, etc.

Reducing Website Spam

It is better to avoid the risk of being considered spammy and keep your domain name limited to the English alphabet. After the release of Google’s BERT algorithm, websites need to step up their game in providing top-quality content. The search engine is making sure it helps users get the best results for their queries. Moreover, with how to prevent website spam so much content out there these days, visitors are also looking for something in-depth and reliable. Any website that has a lot of pages with very few links throughout indicates that the content of those pages have no real value in them. This tells search engines that these pages are not worth linking to, and thus considered spam.

I receive spam in spite of all the measures taken. What can I do?

There you go, seven ways you can protect your WordPress site from contact form spam. You want to be able to hear from your site visitors, but not at the high time and energy cost of spambots. Now that you have known how to reduce spam score of website, let’s look at how to identify spammy sites. With Spam Score, you can determine whether your subdomain is spammy or not, and if it is, you should immediately take action to identify and rectify any spam signals. Having a spammy subdomain may deter your site from being optimally ranked on search engines. According to Moz’s research, sites that have Facebook Pixel – a code added to your website to measure user behavior and actions – are almost never considered spammy.

  • According to Moz, Spam score is the percentage of sites with similar features we’ve found to be penalized or banned by Google that are linking to your website.
  • Spam is a problem that all website owners struggle to deal with.
  • The domain name used in the website should also sound real.
  • In WPForms, you can easily block or allow a list of email addresses so that these visitors can’t submit new entries anymore.

Vishers will try to have you call them on the phone to provide your personal information. Keep in mind that reputable businesses would not make such requests by email or phone. Be sure to keep both accounts open for a few months, so you can redirect any remaining messages to the new account.

Low number of internal links

Some people call this the “no CAPTCHA” method since humans don’t have to see it at all, but in reality, it’s just an invisible reCAPTCHA method. In general, high quality contents are contents with at least 1500 words and they do contain a lot of images, while also being written in a concise, easily-readable way. Using a lot of visual elements like images, infographics, videos, etc. can help beef up your content, making it more valuable.

Reducing Website Spam

This will include words commonly used by spammers as well as words you don’t want appearing on your site where relevant, such as profanity. We all love WordPress, but one frustrating thing with the platform out of the box is having to deal with large volumes of comment spam. No matter what type of blog your business runs, you will have to figure out or come up with a strategy on how to stop WordPress comment spam at some point. To deal with human-generated spam and profanity, you can use the keyword filter tool built into WPForms.

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Moz uses a scoring scale between 1 and 10, with a higher score indicating a better chance the site is trustworthy. Gaining links from relevant and authoritative websites can offset this problem. However, as acquiring such links in a natural and sustainable manner can be difficult and requires a robust strategy.

Lack of such information shows that the website doesn’t have a valid owner and is therefore fake. The domain name used in the website should also sound real. You should not add numbers to the domain name of the website providing the link.


If you have forms on public web pages, you’re bound to get some spam. Spam form entries are a frustrating part of collecting leads, growing an email list, and giving people opportunities to contact you. When you type in an email you’ve blocked, you’ll see an error message and the form won’t submit. There, you can also change the question and answer that site visitors have to type out a response to in order to submit their form on your site.

Reducing Website Spam

It helps to future-proof your site and improves security and flexibility. Websites that have a lot of valuable pages and content will be more likely to have internal links. In addition, internal links help users stay longer on a website, indicating a meaningful experience for a user. Sites that have a low number of internal links may be marked as spam.

Page omission by search engine

While there are a handful of trustworthy directories out there, many of them are flooded with an abundance of external links that search engines likely deem as not valuable. Trojans may allow an attacker to control your computer, lock you out, steal your data, account information, or email addresses. To help avoid trojan infections, install an online security app like Norton 360 Deluxe that can scan for trojans already on your device and help prevent future infections.

Spam does not necessarily contain viruses—valid messages from legitimate sources could fall into this category. This free network-based service gives eligible AT&T wireless customers with HD Voice more control over unwanted calls on their smartphones. Simply add the feature through your myAT&T account or the AT&T ActiveArmor app and you can receive suspected spam warnings on your screen when you receive an incoming call. Spam email, or junk email, is more than just an annoying, long-standing internet problem.

How to report spam mail on Outlook

The algorithms used in the spam score tool can detect and label them and sites that cannot be trusted. As we mentioned earlier, most comment spam is designed to add links in your comment section and trick people into clicking on them. Therefore, one way to combat spam is to permit fewer links in your comments.


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