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Readers dive into the responsibilities, performance, and warning signs that every COO must take note of to perform effectively. How to be a Chief Operating Officer provides practical insights that give clear and powerful roadmaps for COOs. Otter helps COOs who attend a lot of meetings document and summarize their meeting notes effectively. https://personal-accounting.org/ Otter also works well for meetings that have a lot of attendees as it can identify individual speakers and their contributions to the conversation! Having well-documented meeting notes is necessary for ensuring accountability on decisions from department leaders and building lists of areas for improvement across the company.

A great implementation must follow a process, it must have accountability and rigor and it must be measured. If you’re looking into upgrading your business skills (such as getting an MBA), pay attention to what sort of networking opportunities exist alongside your education. In general, the larger the company, the higher the salary that a COO can expect to receive. This is because larger companies typically have more complex operations and require a greater level of oversight and management. Additionally, larger companies often have larger budgets, which allows them to offer higher salaries to their top executives. Effective COOs know how important it is to take time for themselves and their teammates.

  1. Integrations with Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Google Meet mean no more switching between tabs and screens to find and record notes.
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  3. Job growth for top executive positions, including COOs, is projected to increase by 6% by 2031, highlighting the demand for skilled leaders in various industries.
  4. Readers will get insights on what separates companies such as Walmart, General Electric, 3M, and Walt Disney from other organizations.

As you embark on becoming a COO, make sure you have relevant experience optimizing and integrating organizational processes. The position of a chief operating officer in a company is extremely unique. As the number two to the CEO, a COO brings a great deal more to the business than any other position, and their role goes beyond running business operations and directly managing employees.

The Role of a Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Readers will get insights on what separates companies such as Walmart, General Electric, 3M, and Walt Disney from other organizations. The book inspires entrepreneurs and company executives such as COOs by sharing practical concepts. COO books are resources that provide guides for chief operating officers in their day-to-day running of important organizational duties. Examples include How to be a Chief Operating Officer by Jennifer Geary, Riding Shotgun by Nathan Bennet and Stephen Miles, and From Supervisor to Super Leader by Shanda K. Miller. The purpose of these books is to provide COOs with the tools and knowledge they need to manage organizations effectively.

They have the ability to jump in wherever they are needed to keep things on track. They understand how to get the best from their team through impeccable execution. Of course, the last 30 days of your plan is called initiation, but this is just ensuring a strong start to the full implementation of your strategic plan. Too often, COOs come in as glorified managers with lots of perks, high pay and enormous bonuses. Remember that a true COO is the most important catalyst for change in an entire company.

It also has a “huddle” feature for channel members to jump on a call instantaneously, which is great for handling crises as they arise. The key to the role visioning process is to simplify what this person needs to accomplish in terms of success outcomes and how you are going to measure it. Three success outcomes versus more allows the interviewer to focus on what’s most important.

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The author bases these strategies on his experience, sharing insights on topics ranging from lean manufacturing and research to scientific experimentation. The book offers companies ways to test their vision and adapt instead of wasting time creating elaborate business plans. People management tends to be a major problem for COOs in their efforts to design and implement organizational structures.

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In addition, COOs should be great communicators, strong leaders, and flexible managers. COOs are largely responsible for overseeing the entire organization’s operating system. To plan, organize, coordinate, and control all company resources as they pertain to producing goods or services, COOs need to be excellent operations managers.

This may involve supervising internal operations, coordinating marketing and sales efforts, and managing various departments to achieve the company’s goals. A Chief Operating Officer (COO)’s primary duties encompass supervising operations, resource coo resources for beginners management, and enforcing business strategies outlined by the CEO. As the CEO’s right-hand person, a COO must ensure that the company’s daily operations run smoothly and efficiently, aligning with the organization’s overall vision and objectives.

Individuals in this role typically report to the CEO and serve as second-in-command for the business. However, a company can’t just magically make more money, reach new customers, or grow a team overnight. It takes intention and strategy from an experienced leader to facilitate this type of growth. In addition to identifying these most desirable habits, the most effective COOs align with the company’s purpose, values and culture (often referred to as a company’s DNA). Our firm refers to the leader with this combination as being purpose-aligned and performance-proven.

The chief operating officer (COO) is a senior executive tasked with overseeing the day-to-day administrative and operational functions of a business. The COO typically reports directly to the chief executive officer (CEO) and is considered to be second in the chain of command. In the last 30 days of the first 90 days, a good COO moves into the implementation of their company’s executable strategic plan.

Besides COOs, Startup CXO is also helpful for other organizational leaders such as board members, CEOs, and investors. Riding Shotgun tops the list of books about COO roles and responsibilities. The book helps COOs learn handy tips about day-to-day job roles, such as strategy development and team management. The authors draw heavily on the experiences of CEOs and top executives in major corporations. For instance, readers get a chance to learn from the experiences of top executives in companies such as eBay, PepsiCo, Adobe Systems, and Starbucks.

By mastering these competencies, aspiring COOs can effectively guide teams, make informed decisions, and achieve organizational goals. Another journey to the COO title might include joining a startup or initiating your business. This route may be riskier but can also offer expedited growth and practical experience in diverse operational aspects. As a part of a smaller organization, you’ll be exposed to multiple business functions and structures, allowing you to develop a well-rounded skillset. As the second-highest chain of command, COOs play an important role in their organizations.


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